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Simplify the grant process and reduce the administrative burden. REA grant consultants ensure all requirements are met and optimize your chances for nonprofit funding success. Our data-driven insights and expert evaluation services make securing funding easier and more effective.

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Simplify managing federal grants. We help you collect the right data, track goals, and meet documentation and reporting requirements.
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Our diverse expertise enables informed, data-driven decisions. We collaborate with stakeholders, providing feedback to enhance program delivery for sustained federal funding.

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  • Experience and Insight - With 40 years of experience in research and evaluation, REA Analytics brings a professional insight and guidance throughout the entire grant cycle.  

  • Expert Team - Our timely, responsive team possesses a diverse skill set and extensive expertise.  

  • Customized Services - We design services tailored to the complexity of your project requirements.  

  • Detail-Oriented and Data-Driven - Our approach ensures precise, data-driven insights for impactful results.

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We offer FREE grant applications assistance, and our fees are contingent on your success. We only get paid if you are awarded the funds. With a remarkable success rate of over 75%, we specialize in federal grants and have experienced grant consultants for grant management. We understand the complexities of grant applications and our streamlined approach is designed to make the implementation process simple and efficient, allowing you to focus on providing services.

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 Funders require evaluations to measure project outcomes. Evaluations provide essential feedback on what worked, how well it worked, and areas for improvement.

REA Analytics Offers

Tailored Evaluation Services: We design and implement evaluation services to meet your needs and answer your key questions.

Expert Evaluation Consultants: Our team has the expertise and technical infrastructure for high-quality data analysis.

Flexible Payment Model: Our financially feasible payment model is based on the complexity and involvement of your project. 

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In Their Own Words: Client Experiences
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"From the beginning,  working with REA has been a great experience. William and his team were very accessible/supportive in the grant writing process-willing to review and provide recommendations to improve the submission materials.  Once the grant was awarded, the regularly-scheduled implementation workgroup meetings ensured that the tasks were tracked utilizing the goals & objective tracker, staff training on the NOMs was provided, data was entered into SPARS timely, IPP measures were submitted to SPARS timely,  REA staff participated in monthly GPO meetings and provided overall support/strategies to address any issues that came up.  The periodic programmatic reports were well-written, designed, and submitted timely.  Furthermore,  communication with REA staff was/is on-going, timely, and  supportive.  Honestly,  I cannot say enough about the excellent work relationship I have experienced with REA (William, Kevin, Walter, Jon) throughout the life of the 2-yr. grant."

-Danuta Del Rio, CRC, LCPC, ArrowLeaf


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