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Throughout the grant lifecycle, REA works with our partners to help ease the burden of managing federal grants; ensuring your agency is collecting the right data, tracking goals, and meeting the detailed documentation and reporting requirements for the grant.
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We strive to provide more HELPFUL information instead of just MORE information - data-driven insights that are applicative and relevant to organizational goals and positive program outcomes.
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REA uses our diverse expertise to assist your organization in making informed, data-driven decisions for programs and services. We collaborate with stakeholders throughout a project, providing ongoing feedback to add breadth and depth to your program delivery.

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  • 40 years of experience in research and evaluation

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  • Customized services designed for the complexity of project requirements

  • Detail-oriented and data-driven

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Working with REA

Not only do funders require evaluation to measure project outcomes, it's critical to the success of your programs. It provides your organization crucial feedback to tell you what worked, how well it worked, and what can be done to improve it. 

REA works in tangent with partner organizations, helping to implement or design evalaution services that meet your needs and address the questions you want to answer. We have the staff expertise and technical infrastructure to ensure rigorous and high quality data analysis to provide you with accurate and relevant information for your programs.

We offer a payment model that is financially feasible for partner organizations and determined by the complexitity and involvement of the project needs. 

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"REA's in depth analysis provided our program with a better understanding of the overall impact we were having, who the program was working for, and who was struggling."

- Ross Buitendorp, Network180

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