Data Analysis
Data Collection Methods

REA utilizes extensive expertise in the field to identify reliable data collection tools for measuring the impact of proposed interventions. REA develops user-friendly, web-based data entry pages that facilitates hassle-free data entry on any laptop, cellphone, or tablet.

Quantitative Data Analysis: REA brings an extensive array of statistical modeling techniques to reliably assess outcomes. REA is well versed in a variety of statistical software programs such as STATA, R and Python to ensure the best analysis for your program.

Qualitative Data Analysis: REA can help you tell your story by integrating use of qualitative data analysis. REA incorporates process measures into each analysis to outline the steps taken to achieve the desired outcomes, as well as focus groups or in-depth interviews to gain valuable feedback on the consumer experience. 

Data Communication
Data Visualization

Communicate the value of the data to your stakeholders and within your organization. 

REA develops insightful data visualizations to track outcomes throughout the life of the project. We work with partnering agencies to outline specific measures of progress key to the program’s success, and develop web-based data visualizations for continuous monitoring of those outcomes. 

Technical Assistance

Effectively desigining, implementing, and managing grant programs can be difficult. REA's wide breadth of experience in areas of programming, database construction, data collection methods, and analytics allow us to provide a range of technical assistance for your particular needs. We can assist with data driven decision making, building architecture for ongoing data collection and monitoring, program design and more.