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Hey there, fellow changemakers! If you are a nonprofit dedicated to improving lives and making a positive impact on your community, this news is going to be game-changing. Ever wonder how to secure crucial grants to supercharge your initiatives? Or how to accurately measure and showcase the amazing work your organization is doing? Look no further – professional grant evaluation services can be your competitive edge in securing federal funding.  

Benefit #1 Funding Success (Pre-Award Phase) – With expert grant writing, a seasoned professional will collaborate with your organization to craft proposals that stand out. They tell your story in a way that compels and inspires funders, boosting your award success rate. Big time! But being awarded funding is just the beginning. According to, there are three phases in the grant lifecycle:

  Grant Lifecycle

  • Pre-Award Phase: Funding Opportunity Announcement & Application Review
  • Award Phase: Award Decisions & Notifications
  • Post-Award Phase: Implementation, Reporting & Closeout  

Benefit #2 Meaningful Outcomes, Measurable Impact (Pre-Award Phase)The right evaluator combines a rigorous analysis of quantifiable data (numerical data that is fixed and universal) with qualitative measures (subjective and dynamic) that together, will distinguish your program from the competition. A rigorous, high quality, professional evaluation report will demonstrate your influence and effectively communicate your organization’s progress and outcomes – from lives touched to communities transformed. And the best part? You are equipped with quantifiable outcome measurement, providing funders with proof that you are an essential force for good, improving lives and supporting the wellbeing of the populations you serve. Providing proof of your program’s outcomes and measurable impact can make way for funding success in the Award Phase.

Benefit # 3 Award Announcement (Award Phase) – You have just been awarded a large grant. This crucial funding will expand your program and enhance your organization, but there are still strict parameters for how the money is allocated and follow up reporting you are required to gather and submit.

Benefit #4 Optimize Efforts (Post-Award Phase) – The next best thing to predicting the outcome of your program. A professional evaluation doesn’t just measure overall success; it identifies in real time ineffective program elements and underperforming populations and ties these results to specific implementation steps. Continuous Quality Improvement empowers you to pivot, adapt and refine processes for continued success and funding.

So, whether you are seeking additional funding, measuring impact, or planning for long-term accomplishments and growth – professional grant writing and evaluation services are your key advantage.

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